Power Partnership

Power Partnership

Bills, Bills, Bills

Working together to make business bills smaller

The power of one…

Bills. The bugbear of every business, no matter its size.

Electricity, gas, water, telecoms, internet services, merchant payments – the essentials that no business can do without, but which also take a chunk out of your bottom line.

There is, unfortunately, no way of getting out of paying for these services, but there is a way that these costs can be drastically reduced – thanks to the power of collaboration.

Business Voice is a key priority set out in the BID business plan and we said:

We Will

  • Work with partners to achieve better co-ordination and use of resources

Sunderland BID has set up a unique Power Partnership with Utilitywise and WeCommunicate. Through combined procurement and usage analysis the Power Partnership will identify opportunities to provide you with significant savings and reduce your environmental impact helping you meet corporate social/ environmental responsibility.

It’s a scheme which has brought huge benefits in other areas, our strategic partners currently support over 27,000 business in the procurement and management of their energy contracts. And on average, businesses have seen savings ranging from £500 - £5000 pa depending on their size and existing contracts.

The Power Partnership will offer combined procurement opportunities for:

  • Utilities
  • Telecoms – landlines and mobiles
  • Broadband & ISP services
  • Merchant payments

To take advantage of the Power Partnership and reduce the size of your bills, simply contact us to arrange a call/visit from a Collaboration Consultant.

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