History | Sunderland BID



The plan for Sunderland to have its own BID started through discussions which took place between some of the city's key businesses and employers. Out of those initial talks, a Steering Board was set up to really drive the idea forward.

The support was overwhelming as people began to recognise just what advantages a BID could bring to Sunderland.

At a time when the city was building its reputation nationally and internationally - think of the amazing concerts which took place at the Stadium of Light, the millions who turn out for our International Airshow every year - setting up a BID seemed a logical step.

BIDs have helped other areas of the country boost their economy and drive footfall - which is why it was so important for Sunderland to be part of this exciting initiative.

After months of discussions, preparations, bringing on board ambassadors and gaining the support of everyone from national high street retailers to independent traders, the vote was a resounding "yes."

Since the ballot, it’s been full steam ahead to ensure that we deliver exciting events, keep our visitors safe and secure and make sure Sunderland city centre is THE place to be!

To find out more aboout BID's please visit the British BID's website here.