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Caravan Gallery

The Caravan Gallery is a collaboration between artists and photographers Jan Williams and Chris Teasdale to document the reality and surreality of the way we live today. It is also a mobile exhibition space that engages with people and places ‘normal’ galleries might not easily reach. They use colour photography to create accessible but thought-provoking images which frequently celebrate overlooked and occasionally bizarre aspects of everyday life.

The BID are working with the Caravan Gallery to assist them in transforming an empty shop in Sunderland’s High Street West into a dynamic art exhibition-cumalternative visitor information centre exploring Sunderland in all its multifaceted glory.

During April 2015 the Sunderland Pride of Place Project will give visitors an opportunity to define where they live - and how they live - in the twenty-first century, through research conducted in the spirit of ‘Mass Observation’. The exhibition will open with photos of Sunderland by The Caravan Gallery as a catalyst to get people talking. Winning images from an open submission photography competition and The Sunderland Book Project initiated by book artist and printmaker Theresa Easton will form part of the opening display.

Local residents and visitors will be invited to contribute by sharing their views and using their creative talents - writing, photography, drawing, video, sculpture, singing, knitting, whatever - to help produce a wonderfully anarchic and refreshingly honest exhibition-cum-alternative-tourist-information-centre celebrating the city and its character. The exhibition will grow day by day as visitors add their own observations, little known facts and creations to The People’s Map and The People’s Wall. An unusually entertaining survey will give residents and visitors from elsewhere a chance to say what they think about Sunderland, past present and future. There will be workshops, and competitions for all with prizes donated by local businesses.

To find out more about the Caravan Gallery visit their website HERE