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Mak'em Smile

Mak'em Smile

Mak'em Smile is a new initiative created by Sunderland BID which will see staff from various service industries recruited and trained as ambassadors to ensure visitors get a friendly reception.

Staff from a variety of businesses, inlcuding the city's pubs, shops, restaurants, taxis and hotels will be given the opportunity to take part in a training course where they will be given information about how to get the best out of the city, covering things like where to eat, things to do and local history. 


Each ambassador that completes the training will receive a pin badge, Mackem dictionary and certificate. Every ambassador will also receive a weekly email with information that they can then share with their customers. 

As an ambassador they will be expectd to:

  • Know more than others
  • Know where to acquire relevant information 
  • Know how to communicate with customers

The training will leave them:

  • Inspired to promote the city 
  • Energised and enthused
  • Proud to be an ambassador
  • Wating to go and tell others
  • Proud of their city 
  • With the info and tools to give a Mak'em Smile welcome


The scheme will support the company's customer services objectives and provide a FREE training course for employees. Staff will meet the most up to date information of what is happening in the city and be able to share this within internal teams. Business will be promoted to all of the ambassadors and therefore helping to promote what each business has to offer from a genuine source. 


If you are interested in signing your organisation or staff up to the Mak'em Smile training, please email

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