Restaurant Week - March 2017 | Sunderland BID

Restaurant Week - March 2017

Restaurant Week - March 2017

Sunderland's very first Eat Drink Sunderland Restaurant Week was launched last year - running for nine days from Saturday 24 September - Sunday 2 October 2016, and showcased a great range of eateries within Sunderland's city centre and surrounding areas.

As a result of its success, we are pleased to announce that the initiative will once again be taking place between Saturday 11 – Sunday 19 March 2017.

We know the Restaurant Week concept works. It attracts a greater volume of customers during the week and helps to raise awareness – particularly via social media – among a wider audience who may visit the restaurants that partake outside of the week. It’s not a short term hit – it can influence diners for weeks afterwards.

For people outside of Sunderland, we want to show them the variety and quality on offer. We want to raise the bar – demonstrating that we have great restaurants with a strong enough offer to attract an audience with money to spend.


Flyers – 6,000 x A5 Double sided
Vibe Magazine - advertorial in 10th edition magazine

Table Tents – 900 x Full colour tents
Newsletters – BID Bulletin, Consumer Newsletter, Bridges

Posters - 300 x A4 | 300 x A3 | 150 x A2 | 12 x A1 | 6 x A0
Social Media – Experience It Here, Instagram & stakeholders

Supplements – Vibe Magazine, Journal Culture Magazine
Coverage from Bloggers – Luxe, Plain Sarah Jayne, That's Peachy & more

Safari Supper Bloggers event 
Student 'mystery diner' reviews 

Digital - Sunderland Echo, Luxe Magazine, The Chronicle, The North-East Hub, ITV News Online & NE Connected
Press Releases

Radio - Sun Fm commercial production | 1 tag change and advertising spots 
Partnership with Station Taxis - 1,000 vouchers, text alerts, car decal and head rest covers 


  • Promo across 22 Media outlets 
  • AVE worth £200,000
  • Reaching 4 Million people


  • Approx 300,000 online results for #EatDrinkSunderland Restaurant Week
  • Broadcast across 20+ online media outlets 


  • Reached 759,580 people
  • 275.4% in engagements
  • Total impressions increased by 164.9%
  • Total fans increased by 9.8%


  • Impressions per Tweet increased by 357.8%
  • Promoted tweet reach of 15,428
  • Engagements increased by 40.9%

BID website

  • 175,169 website views
  • 30,033 direct sessions
  • 95.7% social network sessions came from Facebook
  • 45.50% of news sessions came through consumer newsletter

Restaurant voucher downloads

  • 7,790 voucher downloads
  • 11,234 users dining in Sunderland
  • 413% increase against September's campaign 

Restaurant feedback

  • Estimated economic impact of £305,000
  • Increase in midweek business by 40%

Click here to see the results from Eat Drink Sunderland Restaurant Week 2016.

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