Restaurant Week - September 2016 | Sunderland BID

Restaurant Week - September 2016

Restaurant Week - September 2016

We launched Sunderland's very first Eat Drink Sunderland Restaurant Week - runing for nine days from Saturday 24 September - Sunday 2 October 2016 showcasing all the city has to offer - with restaurants committing to offer a fixed price menu. The initiative created a sense of excitement about the fantastic choice of restaurants we have in Sunderland. 

The Restaurant Week concept originated in New York, but has been adopted by towns and cities around the world. Similar ‘weeks’ have started small, often with a low number of quality restaurants taking part, and have grown year on year – that is the aim for Sunderland. 

Via a high-quality food and drink magazine, we have shone a spotlight on some of the great places in Sunderland, distributing copies in and around the city, including business centres, hotels, spas and hairdressers. We have also created a fold-out guide with a city centre map showcasing restaurant & café locations and have printed 20,000 copies to be available from key locations across Sunderland. Restaurants, cafés and bars will be also provided with a variety of different size posters, table tents, window decal and flyers to make sure that people are well informed about Eat Drink Sunderland Restaurant Week.

We know the Restaurant Week concept works. It attracts a greater volume of customers during the week and helps to raise awareness – particularly via social media – among a wider audience who may visit the restaurants that partake outside of the week. It’s not a short term hit – it can influence diners for weeks afterwards.

Restaurant Weeks also attract new customers. We know that many ABC1s in Sunderland spend their cash in neighbouring towns and cities. We want to show them that Sunderland offers a high-quality and varied dining experience. Using the week as a hook, we believe their experience will convince them not to go anywhere else in future.

For people outside of Sunderland, we want to show them the variety and quality on offer. We want to raise the bar – demonstrating that we have great restaurants with a strong enough offer to attract an audience with money to spend.

To find out more about Sunderland's Restaurant Week, see the attached file.


Sunderland BID produced a Marketing, PR & Communications strategy for Eat Drink Sunderland Restaurant Week.

The aim of the marketing campaign was to promote Eat Drink Sunderland Restaurant Week using a variety of marketing channels to increase footfall, evening economy and dwell time in Sunderland City Centre. Marketing channels included:

Flyers – 5,000 x A5 Double sided Vibe Magazine - #EatDrinkSunderland sister magazine and fold out guides
Table Tents – 2,000 x Full colour tents Newsletters – BID Bulletin, EIH Consumer Newsletter, See It Do It, Bridges
Window Decals – 100 x Window stickers Social Media – Experience It Here, Instagram & stakeholders
Posters – 200 x A4 | 100 x A3 | 11 x A2 | 8 x A1 | 4 x A0 Coverage from Bloggers – Canny Food, Hello Freckles, Plain Sarah Jayne & more
Supplements – Vibe Magazine, Journal Culture Magazine Competition for Sunderland College students
Safari Supper Bloggers event Press Releases
Digital – Sunderland Echo, Luxe Magazine, The Chronicle, The North-East Hub, ITV News Online & NE Connected Radio – Sun FM 10 days of promo & advertising, Smooth Radio attendance at Safari Supper/ promo & advertising

Radio campaign

Sun FM 10 day promo & Karbon Grill comp:

  • Fourth visited page on website
  • Reach – 1,070
  • Reach% - 4.15%

Smooth Radio general promo & marketing:

  • Steve Colman in attendance at Safari Supper
  • Promo & marketing across social media & website 


  • Promo across 22 Media outlets 
  • AVE worth £200,000
  • Reaching 4 Million people


  • Approx. 2,610 online results for #EatDrinkSunderland Restaurant Week
  • Broadcast across 20+ online media outlets 


  • Reached over 500,000 people
  • Approx. 4,000 engagements
  • Total impressions increased by 48.3%
  • Total fans increased by 7.2%


  • Impressions per Tweet increased by 357.8%
  • Total followers increased by 7.8%
  • Reached over 2.5 Million people
  • Engagements increased by 112.6%

BID website

  • 166,018 website views
  • 20,486 direct views
  • 95.7% social network sessions came from Facebook
  • Majority page views from women aged 23 - 34

      Top three location views:

  • Sunderland – 25.6%
  • Newcastle – 18%
  • London -12.7%

Restaurant feedback

  • Success is thought to have brought £250,000 into local economy
  • Increase in midweek business by 40%
  • Liberty Brown, Saucy Burger & Karbon Grill reported 900 additional covers between them
  • Asiana Fusion covers increased by approx. 50% in comparison to prior weeks