Employment and Training


Sunderland City provider network

SCNP has recently launched a new website, which can point people to the available learning and apprentice opportunities. Additionally, it can assist businesses. SCPN is a great resource to find out what skills can be brought to their organisation, as well as finding out about possible apprenticeships..

The company also works with many on the city's training providers, such as Penshaw View and Milltech. 

Education partnership North east

EPNE is a partnership between Sunderland College, Hartlepool Sixth Form and Northumberland College. 

The trio that makes up EPNE are passionate about positively contributing to the social, economic and educational outcomes of our region. 

They are currently working with the Government's Kickstart scheme which provides funding to employers to create new, six month job placements for 16-24-year-olds who are in receipt of Universal Credit or at risk of long term unemployment. 

To find out more, please email info@educationpartnershipne.ac.uk or call 03007706000. 

Penshaw view

Penshaw View is an organisation that offers health and safety training. Additionally, the company offers support with all aspects of apprenticeship programmes. 

As well as EPNE, Penshaw View also offers Kickstart and pre-employability training with a view to helping unemployed people become work ready. 

A number of businesses in Sunderland have already taken advantage of what the company has to offer. There is a range of first aid, manual handling and work at heights courses. 

For more information, please visit www.penshawview.co.uk