Great Annual Savings

PhilSharon SlandBID

Partnership helps businesses become more efficient


Great Annual Savings was initially formed to provide business cost saving services to companies in the North East of England, however it has grown in popularity and now grown from a regional enterprise to a national provider.

Great Annual Savings has more than 11,000 business customers across the country. We are very excited about our renewed partnership as we have had a long relationship with the company. Great Annual Savings has sponsored many of our events, including the 100 Quick Wins clean up initiative with Sunderland College and Sunderland City Council. 

The company aims to give businesses and their owners the power to control their costs. 

Vision and Value


To be recognised as a leading provider to businesses for great cost savings!


We are professional in the way we go about our business and in everything we do as a business and individuals.
We can be counted on by our clients and our colleagues.       
We are honest and conduct our business with integrity. Integrity fosters trust from our clients, colleagues, suppliers, community and the environment.
We don’t just settle for the status quo, we challenge and look to go over and above whenever we can.
We know our business, suppliers, markets and our customers.